The West Green Road / Seven Sisters Development Trust

The West Green Road / Seven Sisters Development Trust was set up in 2008 by four members of the Wards Corner Coalition to represent the shared interests of residents, businesses and groups based in and around Wards Corner.

The Trust’s Objectives:

  1. To promote the West Green Road and Seven Sisters area as the ´Gateway´ to a multi-cultural rich diverse Tottenham. To promote, support and facilitate the local community to take part in and deliver this vision.
  2. To acquire, hold and manage assets, and actively seek out opportunities to deliver regeneration within the West Green Road/Seven Sisters area for community benefit.
  3. To promote social enterprise and sustainable economic development via supporting local business, start-up’s and facilitate training.
  4. To support the self management of the Seven Sisters Indoor Market by the market traders.

The Trustees

The Trustees are Victoria Alvarez, Carlos Burgos, and Myfanwy Taylor. The Trust will be recruiting more Trustees in the coming months. Further information will be provided on this, but feel free to contact us sooner if you are interested to learn more.

Carlos Burgos is Chair of the West Green Road/Seven Sisters Development Trust. He is the co-founder of the Pedro Achata Trust, a charity which helps Latin American migrants develop their potential whilst living in the UK.

Vicky Alvarez is a trader at the Seven Sisters market, and is Chair of the Seven Sisters Market Traders Association.

Myfanwy Taylor is a local resident, and urban and economic geographer, researching the community value of markets.

Update on Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung funding

In 2020, our funding from Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung was instrumental. We are happy to report that we have received a second grant from RLS.