Now Grainger Plc has withdrawn from the Wards Corner site, the Trust’s about to put all of its resources towards the implementation of the Community Plan. The Trust is a non-profit organisation which relies on grants and donations to carry out its work. If you can, please consider making a one off or recurring donation to support our work as we enter this exciting new era.

The next steps we are looking to fund include:

  • Sustaining  wider public engagement with the Community Plan, to ensure the development achieves the maximum benefit for local people. Costs associated with this include web hosting costs, printed materials and hiring of meeting venues.
  • Detailed design of the Community Plan, including: co-design with community groups; the technical, engineering and sustainability design; and discharging the remaining planning conditions. This will enable us to develop more accurate costings and eventually, to appoint a main contractor. Costs associated with this include appointment of specialist consultants and administration fees.
  • Development of the Trust and the Wards Corner Community Benefit Society, including registration of the Trust as a charity, to support this work. The Community Benefit Society will be the body that delivers the plan and manages the restored building.

Every donation you are able to make, no matter how big or small, will help us in working towards these steps, and ultimately, in the delivery of the Community Plan. The Trust is committed to financial transparency and will be publishing annual reports on donations received and their use.