Help shape the new Wards Corner CBS!

The West Green Road/Seven Sisters Development Trust is convening a series of workshops to shape the Wards Corner Community Benefit Society.

Community benefit societies are a type of organisation that conduct business entirely for the benefit of the community. Rather than profits being distributed amongst members or shareholders, community benefit societies use them for the benefit of the community. The Wards Corner CBS will be a new organisation that will restore and manage the Wards building democratically, delivering the community plan.

Wards Corner. Second image produced by Unit 38.

To inform this, we’re convening four online workshops, each one focusing on a different beneficiary community. Registration for these workshops is via Eventbrite: 

These are open to all within these different communities. Workshops will take place on Zoom, and we’ll be recording them for those unable to attend. If you are unsure which event is right for you, or wish to have some advice on using Zoom, please contact us

Statement from Seven Sisters Indoor Market Traders


We, the undersigned, are traders at Seven Sisters Indoor Market, many of whom are also members of the Seven Sisters Market Tenants Association (SSMTA).

Following Grainger PLC’s recent decision to abandon their development of the Wards Corner site and confirm that the temporary market at Apex Gardens will no longer be provided, we wish to publicly state the following:

  • We support the Wards Corner Community Plan, as proposed by the West Green Road/Seven Sisters Development Trust and which received planning permission in 2019. We call on the Mayor of London and Transport for London to follow Haringey Council in supporting the plan, and to work collaboratively with ourselves and the Trust to implement it as quickly as possible. We note that the Trust is currently establishing a Community Benefit Society to democratically progress the plan on a one member, one vote basis and we look forward to playing an active role in these discussions over the coming months. 
  • We call on the Mayor to extend the financial hardship scheme for all traders – regardless of their membership of the SSMTA – affected by the ongoing closure of the market. While we are grateful for the support we have previously received, this only extended until June 2021 on the presumption that the temporary market at Apex Gardens would then open. This is no longer the case, and the market remains closed with no certainty as to when a temporary or permanent solution will be provided. This is causing extreme hardship and distress for traders and requires urgent remediation. 
  • We further stress the critical importance of the provision of a temporary market. On April 7th, 2021, traders were informed that Grainger would not be proceeding with the installation of a temporary market at Apex Gardens. Despite this, and their public withdrawal from the Wards Corner site August 5th, Transport for London has yet to communicate a concrete alternative, or the timescales involved. A temporary market has become necessary due to the health and safety issues and construction work which have forced the closure of the main market. We ask for clarity on this matter, and for a workable solution to be progressed with speed. We note that the West Green Road/Seven Sisters Development Trust have previously issued proposals, designed in consultation directly with traders, which we continue to support. 

We are ready to work with all parties to ensure the swift implementation of the above and to ensure an equitable future for Wards Corner for all those who live, work, and play in the area.

Yours sincerely,

  1. Nicholas Amayo, Unit 10
  2. Cesar F. Yunda P., Unit 56
  3. Farhad Zarei, Unit 9
  4. Juan Daniel Martinez, Unit 52
  5. Catherine Pardo, Units 32, 33, 34
  6. Yesenia Ramirez, Unit 25
  7. Hadi Sarai, Units 27, 28
  8. María Ramirez, Units 27, 28
  9. Mohsen Khangary, Units 7, 8
  10. Andres Lobo Plaza, Unit 26
  11. Juan Candelo, Units 29, 36
  12. Jose Fernando Gonzales, Carwash
  13. Pablo Emilio Tobon, Units 42, 46, 47
  14. Luis F. Esguerra, Units 13, 14
  15. Fabian A. Cataño, 53
  16. Manuel Pelaez, 40, 48
  17. Leidy Delgado Varon, 31
  18. Libia Victoria Alverez, 37, 38, 3
  19. Reginalda Lima, Unit 50
  20. Maria Osorío, Units 1, 2
  21. Sara Ocampo Ramirez, Unit 23
  22. Lucia Corina Celermac, Unit 55
  23. Theresa Brembah, Unit 16
  24. Heli Deoya Domus, Unit 29
  25. Didier Jaramillo Garzón, Unit 58
  26. Lisbeth Da Silva, Unit 24
  27. Teresa de Pina, Unit 43
  28. Bernice Taiwo, Units 11,12, 59, 60

Announcing our Architectural Heritage Fund grant

The Trust is pleased to announce that the Architectural Heritage Fund has awarded it a Project Viability Grant of £15,000

The AHF’s Project Viability Grants support the production of feasibility and viability work such as the appropriate studies, reports, and evidence. We’ll be using our grant to commission necessary design and technical work, needed to advance the Community Plan

The commissioned work will align with stages of the Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA) Plan of Work. We’ll be commissioning Unit 38, the architectural design co-operative who co-produced the fourth iteration of the Community Plan. With this funding, they will produce two outcomes. Firstly, a RIBA stage 1 report, and secondly, what we’re calling an ‘interim’ RIBA stage 2 report. 

Both reports will gather together the work already completed in the course of the campaign. This will identify and fill any gaps to provide a firm foundation for subsequent RIBA stages. Our Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung grant will cover the remainder of the fees for this project.

This work is absolutely vital as we progress towards the delivery of the Community Plan. We’re immensely grateful to AHF for supporting us at this critical time, and hope to be able to continue working with them in the future.