Announcing our Architectural Heritage Fund grant

The Trust is pleased to announce that the Architectural Heritage Fund has awarded it a Project Viability Grant of £15,000

The AHF’s Project Viability Grants support the production of feasibility and viability work such as the appropriate studies, reports, and evidence. We’ll be using our grant to commission necessary design and technical work, needed to advance the Community Plan

The commissioned work will align with stages of the Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA) Plan of Work. We’ll be commissioning Unit 38, the architectural design co-operative who co-produced the fourth iteration of the Community Plan. With this funding, they will produce two outcomes. Firstly, a RIBA stage 1 report, and secondly, what we’re calling an ‘interim’ RIBA stage 2 report. 

Both reports will gather together the work already completed in the course of the campaign. This will identify and fill any gaps to provide a firm foundation for subsequent RIBA stages. Our Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung grant will cover the remainder of the fees for this project.

This work is absolutely vital as we progress towards the delivery of the Community Plan. We’re immensely grateful to AHF for supporting us at this critical time, and hope to be able to continue working with them in the future. 

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