Watch our Public Presentation of the Community Plan

On 4th August, the Trust held a public presentation of the Community Plan. Anyone interested was welcomed to join. In the lead-up, we shared details widely using social media, flyers, and emails. Over 60 people joined via the Zoom. In addition to this, more than 15 market traders viewed the presentation together in person. 

We’re sharing the recording and presentations here, so anyone can consult them in their own time. You can watch the full meeting by following this link. This link also includes an automated transcript and chat messages with live Spanish translation.

The meeting consisted of two presentations. Following this, we held 45 minutes of open discussion in which attendees asked questions to the Trust.

The first presentation was given by members of Unit 38, co-designers of the fourth iteration of the Community Plan. Unit-38 addressed the history of the site and the development of the Community Plan, before detailing of the latest iteration Plan in depth. You can find a copy of this presentation here.  

The second presentation of the evening was an update on the delivery of the Plan from Trustee, Myfanwy Taylor. This informed attendees on the progress the Trust has made regarding the financial viability of Plan, and the outcomes of recent studies commissioned by the Trust. As part of this, Myfanwy highlighted the Wards Corner Benefit Society, and the upcoming workshops to shape it. You can find a copy of this presentation, with Spanish translation, here.  

If you’re unable to access any of the items above, or have any questions about their contents, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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