Your feedback needed! Help shape the ‘Governance’ strand of our Action Plan

The Governance Working Group seeks YOUR feedback on our draft action plan. Please drop us a line at by Friday 5 February to let us know what you think, especially about the priorities we have identified for 2016. Have we missed anything?  Got anything wrong?

Working Group 4) Governance

Our role is to sense-check and further develop the existing legal structure of the Trust, in particular how it works in relation to funders and communities, and to identify and begin to put in place suitable executive and management structures for the Trust’s first project of delivering the community plan for Wards Corner.

This will include the aims and objectives of the Trust, the relationship between the Trust and its beneficiary communities, membership of the Trust, the role and appointment of Trustees, the role and organisation of the management group for the Trust’s first project and the governance implications of different financing models. The Governance Working Group will play an important role in identifying interim governance arrangements which can be put in place (including through the First Steps project) while the Trust readies itself to deliver its first project and a process of transition to permanent governance arrangements. Importantly, the Working Group provides an open and transparent mechanism through which the Trust’s beneficiary communities can participate in the process of shaping and developing the Trust and ensuring that the governance arrangements that are put in place will enable it to deliver its first project in keeping with its aims and objectives. The starting point for the Working Group is the governance arrangements already put in place when the Trust was created in 2008 and the proposals set out in the planning application for the community plan for the Wards building.

Links with other Working Groups: Appropriate and effective governance underpins all aspects of the Trust’s work and thus all Working Groups. Specific links include with Working Groups 1 and 2 on membership and financing options and mechanisms for ensuring the reinvestment of profits in line with the Trust’s aims in relation to its beneficiary communities and with Working Group 3 on clearly explaining existing governance arrangements with the local community and on ensuring community involvement and support for their development.

Our work so far: Small group discussions on Working Group 4 were held at the First Steps events on 28 September and 2 November. In addition, the Governance Working Group has held a dedicated meeting to develop the proposals within this draft Action Plan. So far, participation has included local residents, businesses and community organisations. Taking the view that expert input and facilitation is needed in order to further develop this draft Action Plan, the Steering Group has decided to dedicate one day of support from our Relationship Manager to organising and facilitating two technical workshops during December and January and securing technical and expert input.

Priority actions for 2016:

  • December/January: Hold two technical workshops (organised by our Relationship Manager) to ‘sense check’ the Trust’s existing governance arrangements in relation to its first project and to learn about and consider the options available for developing these further.
  • Produce a ‘plain English’ summary of the existing governance arrangements for the Trust to ensure good knowledge and understanding amongst those involved in developing the Trust and the wider community.
  • Develop written policies for the role and appointment of Trustees.
  • Develop written policies for membership of the Trust.
  • Develop written principles and policies for Trust decision-making
  • Develop, agree and put in place a proposal for interim governance arrangements for the Trust’s first project, and for later transition to more permanent arrangements.


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