West Green Road/Seven Sisters Development Trust presents in detail its first project and action plan for the Wards Corner Community Plan

In the second public meeting held by the trustees of West Green Road/Seven Sisters Development Trust on 16th July at Tottenham Chances, a thorough presentation of the plans for the implementation of the Wards Corner Community Plan was made, calling on local people and traders to join in the project.

The Development Trust, which was set up in 2007 (Registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2008) and developed after wide consultation with local stakeholders, aims to further the long-range campaign led by the Wards Corner Community Coalition to block Grainger’s developmenCIMG6097 CIMG6095t project for Wards Corner and the disposal of the existing indoor market. The Development Trust’s first project will be to deliver the community plan for Wards Corner produced through collaboration between traders and many local communities. The Community Plan received planning permission by Haringey Council in April 2014 with the support of hundreds of people who recognise that the existing market is a fascinating place with massive potential to be a magnificent hub for the neighbourhood.

The Trust has recently been accepted onto Locality’s First Steps programme, providing funding, training and support to develop an action plan. The Trust’s action plan will focus on four priority areas that will be essential to delivering the Community Plan has been divided into four sections: 1) business plan and funding; 2) feasibility studies; 3) stakeholder engagement and communications; and 4) governance. The Development Trust is calling on local organisations and people across Tottenham to join in and get involved in one of these different working groups, according to the knowledge, skills and time resources of each person. In addition, there will be a Steering Group responsible for the coordination and supervision of the First Steps project itself. The deadline to express interest in the Steering Group is 24th July 2015.

The Development Trust attempts to be a progressive and enduring initiative to bring together the communities of their neighbourhood, prompting a common framework of exchange, solidarity, mutual support, learning and development of community assets to deliver regeneration for the benefit of the community. As it was explained in the meeting, the scope of the Development Trust goes beyond its first project for the restoration of the Wards building. The Development Trust seeks to encompass the further revitalisation of the West Green Road and Seven Sisters Town Centre, which has been neglected by the local authority over the last decade. It aims to promote an inclusive development that takes into account all the groups living and working together in Tottenham, including the Latin American and African communities.

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